Road Running Rules

Race Approval Rules

Hosting a Road event in CGA begins with the application and approval of the race date.
At lease eight weeks prior to the event, your race brochure/pamphlet must be submitted to the Office for approval, before the flyer is printed and distributed.

Pamphlet Requirements

a.    Name of organizing club

b.    Date of race

c.    Venue

d.    Distance

e.    Sponsors Name

f.    Entry Fee

g.    Starting Time

h.    Time from which entries will be accepted

i.      Pre-entry closing date

j.     Temporary license cost

k.    Enquiries name and telephone numbers

l.     Prize Giving time

m.   List of handouts to all athletes

n.    Full prize list

o.    Maximum prizes within ASA limits

p.    Reflective material (night race)

q.    Results – cost, where available


  1. The race is run in accordance with the rules of ASA and CGA.  Athletes indemnify the national, provincial and regional bodies, sponsors and organizers or the race against any or all actions of whatsoever nature, whatever the same maybe arising out of their participation in the race.
  2. Registered athletes must wear their 2008 license number back and front, if issued with a race number this must be worn on the front of vest.
  3. Temporary licensed athletes to wear plain clothing with the issued temporary licence number back and front, no advertising allowed.
  4. All licensed athletes competing for category prizes must wear numeric category tags clearly visible back and front.  Proof of age for prize winners will be required and to be presented to the referees before prize giving.  Prizes will be withheld until confirmed.
  5. No seconding is allowed.
  6. International athletes must provide a clearance letter from their Country of origin to the referee in the event of them winning a prize.
  7. Regret no wheelchair athletes.
  8. No blade, cyclist or mechanically operated device allowed in the race.
  9. No animals.
  10. No 2, 3 or 4 wheel carts/prams which are mechanically or manually operated by participants, will be permitted to participate without the special permission has been granted, prams/carts must start a the back of the field.
  11. Minimum age:    15yr – 10km and 20yr – 42km
  12. Only South African athletes qualify for team prizes.
  13. Teams to be of equal number of men and women
  14. Temporary licensed athletes are eligible for open and category prizes, provided they have the age category tag clearly visible back and front, but are only eligible for team prizes if wearing club colours.
  15. All traffic officers and officials instructions to be obeyed.
  16. Athletes must comply with domicilium rule when competing for team prize.
  17. Walkers competing for prize money must wear WALKER tags on the front and back of their vest.
  18. Place for ID number on entry and on race sticker or number.
  19. Residential address required on entry form. 

CGA Road Running Domestic Rules


These Rules may not be in conflict with the constitution of CGA or ASA or the rules of CGA, ASA or the IAAF.

All road races organised by affiliates of ASA are subject to the Rules of ASA and this must be stated in all announcements, advertisements, programmes and printed matter related to the race.

These rules are subject to the approval of ASA and may only be amended by them.

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